QUBIC in the media

Articles about QUBIC were recently published on APPEC and IN2P3 websites, here are some additional details:

After a testing campaign for the characterization and calibration of the QUBIC technological demonstrator between 2019 and 2020, the unique advantages of bolometric interferometry were demonstrated and validated during the IN2P3 review in January 2020.  This success allows QUBIC to continue its road towards Argentina, at 4800m above sea level in the province of Salta, a very dry place and therefore particularly suitable for precision measurements without being impeded by atmospheric pollution. Like many experiments, the schedule was unfortunately interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, and we had to postpone the tests to be carried out in Argentina, which will be soon after followed by the upgrade from the technological demonstrator to the complete instrument improving sensitivity by a factor of 10.  We’re confident that this delay will not prevent QUBIC from continuing its mission, and in the long term, we expect to see it take us into a new cosmological horizon with the detection of the B-mode polarization of the Cosmic Microwave Background.

The best is yet to come !